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1900 Patients of MidMichigan Medical Center were informed for The Theft after Getting the Documents in the Street

MMC named as the MidMichigan Center located in Alpena informed all its patients for the PHI stolen. The information was sent to the unauthorized people to get all the data. On 18th of November, one of the cardiologists eliminated the files of the patient from the institute’s office without any permission. The file was sent to the vehicle of the cardiologists using the storage container, while the container was not secured enough.

The container was dropped near the parking spot where the patient’s file was slipped and fell on the ground. Because of fast wind, the documents started blowing in all over the street. Some parts of the documents were picked up by the public members of the hospital who lived around. He informed to the hospital that the documents containing very important and sensitive information were blowing in the street. The hospital took serious actions and contacted the law enforcement so that they can help them in the paperwork collection and completion.

According to the Richard Bates (The vice president at MMC) stated that all the paper work has been retrieved and collected properly. So there is minimal risk to the patients for the loss of sensitive information. Although, it is not confirmed that all the documents have been recovered properly and completely, the patients of the hospital has been notified and the PHI breach.

The main reason because of which the doctor stolen the sensitive information has not been recovered. However, the doctor has violated the rules and regulations of the hospital. They have terminated the doctor for this act. About 1900 patients of the hospital has been informed for the potential breach of the information and the information may include the name of the patient, SSN, data of the clinic, address and much other information.

The victims of the breach have been offered for the identity theft services as the compliment. They won’t need to pay for it. Bates said, “We consider the security of the patients and their personal information very seriously because this is all our responsibility to protect the information of our patients. We have different procedures and processes to highlight and check the data breach and protect the rights of our patients. ”


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