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AHIMA Declares New Sources For Approving People’s Access Privileges In HIPAA

The HIPAA allows the patients to get a document of their health archives in the paper form or else in the electronic form. In last year, the unit of human health services released a number of clips and many other things which proclaims that it is the right of the patients to get their medical records from the health care firms.

Yesterday, AHIMA also played its part and released proper guidelines in the format of slides which explains the same thing with more details about it. They have explained everything related to it. With the help of these slides, the patients will now be able to understand how to make a request about getting their medical archives, the charges to get an electronic or paper form of record as well as the time limitations in the whole process of PHI.

The AHIMA has mentioned that they will not provide the medical archives at once after the request by the person. In fact, it will follow the same rules given by HIPAA and it might take approximately thirty days’ time period to respond. In this case, the company can take almost sixty days to provide the data to the patients. The AHIMA has also shed some light on the issue that they cannot provide data to everyone. But, the persons to whom these archives would be hand over should be known. It has to be clear that the data should be in secure hands. It is the responsibility of the company to make sure that data is in the save hands.

There are several methodologies which can be implemented by the authorities in order to handle this situation. The actual price of the medical archives may not be charged by the people at the time of their request. But, an idea of this price could be given to the people. The authorities have also mentioned that if the record is given to the person with the help of the patient portal then, they will not charge a single penny to that person. It will create ease for both the firm and the patient.


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