Austin Manual Therapy got the Report of Potential Data Theft Accident

About 1,750 individuals of Austin Manual Therapy have been informed that some of their PHI have been accessed due to the criminal activities who have accessed the computer system of AMT. the criminal investigation is done by the cyber-security team and they found that the access to the data was gained on 3rd October 2017 and it continued till 9th October. At that time, they realized that the data attack was accessed and they blocked it.

The notice of the breach was posted on the AMT’s official website. It include that the data was not accessed properly. There was only a small part of the data that was accessed. It included only one shared file system and one computer.

According to the criminal investigation, the attackers accessed the files, but it was not so much clear that how much information was viewed and what type of documents were stolen by the attackers. The analysis of the computer system and the file system shows that the information about the patients include the names, the date of birth, the phone number, the service dates, the amount charged, policy information, insurance coverage, SSN and much more.

The investigation of the breach has already been completed, but the TMD management stated that the investigation of the accident continued and will be continue till the end of the month. The management also took additional measures to prevent the attacks in the future. The breach report of TMD shows that the detail of the attack was not highlighted.

The patients that have been affected due to the attack has been provided an offer to obtain the credit report for free. They can also a security alert on their accounts of freeze their accounts. All this will not be highlighted in the theft identity services that are offered to the victims.