Chat Forums Like Facebook Messenger, A HIPAA Compliant or Not?

Many specialists and medical attendants interact making use of online chat. A standout amongst these platforms, nowadays, is Facebook Messenger. Keeping in mind the end result, using any chat platform to send PHI must include safety directions to guarantee data. To put it plainly, reports should be scrambled. Facebook Messenger does scramble information in a conveyance, so this part of HIPAA is fulfilled. Be that as it may, with Messenger, encryption is discretionary and clients need to pick in. Given that setting has been actuated, just the sender and the collector will have the capacity to see the information.

There must be access to guarantee solely approved people can get to the program. The Messenger could be reached to by unapproved people if a mobile phone was seized, so it would be requisite for the gadget to have extra safety switches to guarantee applications, for example, Messenger couldn’t be captured to in case of misfortune or burglary. Any PHI conveyed through a chat forum would be held and equipment, programming or tools would be needed to guarantee any action including PHI could be analyzed. It is hard to keep up a review trail on Facebook Messenger and there are likewise no checks to keep information from being erased by clients.

Is Business Associate Agreement essential or not?

The HIPAA Conduit Exception permits HIPAA-secured elements to send data by means of specific administrations without the requirement for a business associate contract.

In any case, cloud specialist organizations are not secured by that exemption. Facebook would, in this manner, need to contract a BAA with a HIPAA-secured body before the Messenger could be utilized to convey PHI, as up till now, Facebook isn’t set up to sign a BAA for its Messenger assistance.

Can Facebook Messenger Assist in HIPAA Violation?

Without a BAA, and without suitable review and access keys, we don’t trust the Messenger is HIPAA submissive. On the off chance that you need to utilize a talk program for conveying PHI, we recommend you utilize a HIPAA-agreeable informing administration that has been produced particularly for the social insurance industry. These safe human services content informing arrangements consolidate all the important controls to guarantee PHI can be sent safely, and incorporate access keys, review directions, and complete encryption.