The Children’s Hospital in the Los Angeles Informed the Parents for Exposure of PHI of Children

The Children’s Hospital in Log Angeles is informing the parents for the breach of children’s PHI to the irrelevant insurance authorities. The breach was found on 29th November 2017 while the notifications were sent to victims on 19th December. The privacy breach included the names, medical records, their numbers, addresses, the services dates, the dates of birth and the description of the medication provided.

After the breach was found, the insurance authority members were contacted and informed to delete the information they received. They provided satisfactory answers that information has been deleted properly from their sources. After this, the medical records of all the affected patients were updated to include the right information about the patients.

The high authority did not receive any news that the disclosed information has been used inappropriately. In-spite to this, the victims of the incidents has been offered for the protection services and credit monitoring services without any fee. The notification letters include important information and notices to the patients. In the notices, the parents has been advised to check and monitor the insurance activities and communication for the services that they have not been availed yet. They should also inform to the insurance authorities for the loss of their children’s PHI.

As a result of the incident, the staff members of the hospital were retrained and re-educated about the protection of the patient’s information. The accident of the information breach was reported to the General Office of California Attorney. It will also be reported to the HHS Office for the civil rights. This time, it is impossible to state the number of patients affected by the incidents.