Cofense Develops New Phishing-Specific Safety Orchestration, Automation and Reaction Platform

August 1, 2018

Cofense has created a new product which will shortly be added to its collection of anti-phishing solutions for healthcare companies and included in its phishing-specific safety orchestration, automation, and reaction (SOAR) platform.
The declaration comes at a time when the healthcare trade has been experiencing an uptick in phishing attacks. The previous few months have seen a big number of healthcare companies fall victims to phishing attacks that have led to cybercriminals gaining access to worker’s electronic mail accounts and the PHI enclosed therein.
Perimeter safety defenses can be improved to greatly decrease the number of malevolent electronic mails that reach workers’ inboxes, but even when several safety solutions are arranged they will not obstruct all phishing dangers.
Safety consciousness training is vital to decrease vulnerability to phishing attacks by conditioning workers to stop and think before clicking links in electronic mails or opening doubtful electronic mail attachments and to report doubtful electronic mails to their safety groups.
Nevertheless, safety groups can struggle to identify actual dangers swiftly. Workers will usually report a wide variety of electronic mails, not just malevolent messages. Most companies will see their misuse mailboxes fill up quickly and safety groups often waste precious time scrutinizing through messages to find the actual dangers.
Cofense has tried to solve the problem with the release of a SOAR platform that assists incident reaction groups to identify and alleviate phishing attacks in progress much more quickly. Cofense Triage lets incident reaction groups to quickly evaluate, study, and remediate phishing attacks in real-time by sieving out the noise.
Cofense Triage has lately been improved with new characteristics that let third-party safety solutions to be integrated via its REST API to make sure an optimized, safety orchestration reaction. Remediating phishing dangers has been made easier through computerization utilizing workflows and playbooks – sets of standards that will automatically execute a reaction to alleviate an attack if certain criteria are met.
Now the Leesburg, VA-based anti-phishing seller has developed a new anti-phishing solution – Cofense Vision – which will shortly be included into its phishing-specific SOAR. Cofense Vision – due to be generally available in Q4 2018 – will make it quicker and easier to identify all phishing electronic mails in a campaign and isolate them swiftly to neutralize the danger.
When a phishing electronic mail is recognized, it is not likely to be the only copy of the message in a company’s electronic mail system. Tens or even hundreds of copies may be concealed in other inboxes, including carbon copies of the message, dissimilarities along the same theme, and completely different messages containing the same malevolent payload.
Cofense Vision assists incident reaction groups search, identify, and isolate all phishing electronic mails in a specific campaign, interrogating messages by sender, date, subject, attachment name, attachment hash, and several more benchmarks. When all messages have been recognized, they can be isolated with a single click, deleting all malevolent messages from a company’s whole electronic mail system.
This is only one of a host of new anti-phishing solutions that can be positioned to assist healthcare companies to cope with the danger of phishing. As news breaks of a million-record-plus healthcare phishing attack, sophisticated phishing solutions are obviously required to confront the danger to the secrecy, integrity, and availability of PHI.