Is Gotomeeting HIPAA Obedient?

GoToMeeting is a web-based gathering and video conferencing arrangement offered by LogMeIn. The administration is one of numerous conferencing and desktop sharing arrangements that can enhance correspondence and cooperation, with many advantages for medicinal services associations.

For collaboration, the tools used by healthcare institutions should meet the safety provisions obliged by HIPPA.

Neglect to guarantee that a specific administration is HIPAA agreeable and you could disregard the security of patients, rupture HIPAA Rules, and possibly need to cover a sizable money related punishment for resistance.

It ought to be brought up that no product can be genuinely HIPAA-agreeable. Regardless of whether proper shields are joined to guarantee the secrecy of ePHI, it is as yet conceivable to utilize a ‘HIPAA-consistent’ administration in a rebellious way.

Is GoToMeeting HIPAA Compliant?

To consider GoToMeeting HIPAA consistent, specialized protections would be joined to meet the prerequisites of the HIPAA Security Rule.

To secure information on travel, GoToMeeting utilizes full end-to-end information encryption. Every single transmitted datum is secured utilizing HMAC-SHA-1 message validation codes, while visit, video, sound, and control information are ensured in travel utilizing AES 128-piece encryption. AES 128-piece encryption meets the present guidelines for encryption suggested by NIST.

Securing information in travel is just a single component of HIPAA complaince. A review trail must be kept up permitting movement identifying with PHI to be inspected. GoToMeeting makes logs of association and session movement, and access to detailing and administration instruments are accessible to account supervisors.

Controls should likewise be available that guarantee just approved people can access the framework. GoToMeeting is ensured by interesting gathering codes and incorporates the alternative of setting solid passwords. At the point when gatherings are set up they are not freely recorded and meeting coordinators have full control over who can join the gatherings.

Every client that desires to join a gathering must distinguish themselves utilizing a one of a kind email address as well as a number alongside an extraordinary watchword, and clients are naturally logged off after a time of latency, which can be set by the gathering coordinator.

While the specialized protections meet HIPAA necessities, HIPAA-secured substances should likewise go into a HIPAA-consistent business connect concurrence with specialist organizations preceding utilizing an administration for imparting PHI. GoToMeeting offers a business relate assertion which covers the utilization of the administration, meeting this administrative necessity.