The Healthcare Data Stolen Report for November has been Released by Protenus

The Healthcare Data Stolen Report for November has been released by Protenus-HIPAA employees found the summary of the healthcare data theft. According to the report, it is the time of previous months when the healthcare report was breached and there is a significant number of data record reduction due to the breach of the data.

The report showed that 28 incidents were held in November that was the lowest of the whole year. Stepping ahead, the 4 more incidents in the next month. These were the two consecutive months in which the data theft has fallen. According to the report, there were 46 incidents recorded in September and 37 incidents in October.

November was considered as the best month of the whole year when the least number of records were exposed. 83,925 patient’s record was impacted by the healthcare breaches recorded in November. Contrary to this, 138,957 records were reported in May. Later on, they found that November is the 3rd most consecutive month when the breach record was falling down. Usually the healthcare institutes have more than 60 days to report the accident. According to the director, “the number of the affected patients and the data breach records are lower as compared to any other month, they highlighted that they have to get ready for the Thanksgiving day therefore they delayed the whole process”

The number of incidents in November included from different aspects was 32% due to inside activities and 28% of hacking. On the other hand, 25% of the breaches involved the theft and the loss of records. There were also the theft for paper records and these were 7 in number.

It is very difficult to check either the healthcare institutes manage to discover and investigate the breach quickly or not? According to the estimate an average breach is detected within 55 days and a median with 33 days. One of those breaches took 153 days for detection.

California is the state from where the recorded accidents rates are higher.  All the healthcare institutes in Texas, Indiana, Colorado, Florida and California reported two breaches each.