Would HHS Administrator Tom Price Affluence The HIPAA Rules?

The newly hired administrator of human health department Tom Price has replaced Matthews Burwell. This change in the department will bring many other changes and it might bring new rules in the office as well.

The recruitment of new administrator is not the only thing which is in the Tom’s list but, it is expected that they will hire a new administrator for the office of civil rights. The hiring of new director will have a major effect on the rule implemented by this office. The activities and check and balance maintained by this office will also be effected. In the July of 2014, Samuels took up the position of the director of OCR. He saw many changes in this department of health care. He declared almost twelve clearances in which he highlighted those firms who have violated the rules and regulations defined by their office. Proper investigations were held and the company’s databases were checked.

In addition to that, Samuels also supervised the second stage which was previously ignored by other directors. In this phase HIPAA perform the audits of their entities. He continued the delayed process and oversaw approximately 200 companies. These companies will be now audited in the year of 2017. The whole stage is known as the second stage. The director was interested to increase the punishment for those companies who violated the rules set by HIPAA. Now, after all these things the change of leadership will bring many new things in the office.

Yet, the number of firms who have violated the rules now makes it doubtful to hold back the efforts of OCR rules enforcement. As we have seen that 2016 was a year of data breach and violations of the HIPAA rules, so in the next year we expect to take care of the protection of patients’ data. We will make sure that the data of the people is saved from criminals and wicked people in the health care firms. Is it possible for Price to rewrite the rules? Tom Price is a doctor by profession. So, he knows the problems faced by the doctors.