HIPAA Covered Firms Playing With Penalties For Delayed Data Break Reports

In the previous month, it was reported that the office of civil rights delivered the message to all those entities who lie under the HIPAA that the late submission of reports is not acceptable. On the other hand, in the meantime as the message is sent to the entities, there are many firms who were noticed to delay their reports without any reason. Those entities were not sending reports to the patients nor are they sending reports to OCR.

The January breakage indicator was released through Protenus in the past few days. This report shows that almost forty percent of the data breakage reports in the first month of the year were sent after the timeline mentioned by the authorities. Now this falls in the violation of rules set by the health insurance Act.

Summary of HIPAA data breakage note:

The presence of HIPAA notification was to make sure that all the patients are well aware of the data breakage immediately. In case of any law breakage through these firms, the relevant patients will be sent notices with the help of 1st class mailing system. This is important for all the firms to apply it in their firms.

The warning letters must contain a note about the type of data breakage occurred in the entity. The minute details should be shared with the people and the data which is exposed should be mentioned by the firm. In this way, people will learn exactly what type of threats they will face in the future. The firm should share the actions which are taken by their authorities to handle the situation. The future plans and strategies to avert such crimes must be added in the warning letter as well.

The data break warning law and corporate associates’ breakage of data:

This letter will be implemented to both entities. In the same case, the business associates will be sharing a data break letter.

Punishments for delayed letters:

In case of late notifications, punishments are decided by the office. These punishments could be fiscal and very serious. Presence health paid 475,000 in terms of penalty for delaying the warning letter.