HIPAA Declared A $5.5 Million Payment Record Of Memorial Health Firm

The office of OCR has recently complemented the previous year’s data of HIPAA payments with the advocate of health. Yesterday, it was announced by the OCR that 5. 5 million dollars payments are extended by Florida founded health care firm in order to solve the probable confidentiality law breakage.

The medical care hospital has paid because they violated the rules set by the office of OCR. In addition to the settlement of 5. 5 million dollars, the firm has to show that they are also adopting a strategic plan in order to evade all the privacy issues in the firm. They have to address the issues and meet the requirements of the HIPAA.

In the year 2012, Memorial clinic came to know about a data breakage of EPHI. This data breakage was described on 12th of April, 2012. This data breach was related to two workers who were revealed to have illegally accessed the patients’ information. This information included the names, social security as well as the date of birth of the patients. Serious federal duties were put on in contradiction of these two workers for stealing and then selling the details of these people. They were also held responsible for filing false tax earnings, even though the OCR tried to learn about the facts if there were any breakage of HIPAA rules and regulations. He searched for the reasons which can cause the disclosure or the stealing of data of patients. This investigation took place in the year of 2012.

Referring to the HIPAA laws, the memorial hospital had now applied the rules and proper procedures for covering the limitations of the employees. On the other hand, the memorial hospital could not meet these requirements and failed to apply and modify their systems into a better one. A lot of risk studies were steered in the year of 2007 as well as in 2012. In both years, it showed that there are serious threats of data breakage in this entity.

Due to the unethical access of the workers and other persons for a whole year, there were many problems created in the hospital. The problems was that hospital was not aware of such problems.