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Hospitals Enjoy Free Use of TigerConnect Secure Communications Platform During COVID-19 Pandemic

TigerConnect is a company in the U.S.A. offering the most popular secure healthcare communications platform. It announced that it is giving U.S. health systems and hospitals free use its platform to support COVID-19 associated communications throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

TigerConnect is tracking COVID-19 and its impact on America’s healthcare system. With the fast coronavirus spread, there’s been a spike in the usage of its secure communications system. The company moreover reports that it is having a rising number of telephone calls from clients wanting to expand licenses to be sure that all employees could access the platform to quicken external and internal communication and better the work of quarantine.

The TigerConnect platform could be used for setting up channels specific for COVID-19 communications to assist patients and the medical team. The platform helps to communicate instantly and quickly the readiness plans, workforce schedules, instructions on controlling infection and quarantine methods, and other crucial information. Users of the platform can get in touch with any person within a healthcare system promptly. There is no need to know the other person’s phone number or extension.

TigerConnect considers it their sense of duty to provide a fast flow of information in the healthcare community. It is critical during this period to eliminate any hurdle that may constraint the fight against COVID-19.

TigerConnect is giving the hospitals and health systems that aren’t utilizing its platform yet absolutely free 6-months use of the TigerConnect secure texting network in support of community communication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Present customers will enjoy an extension of TigerText Essentials licenses at zero cost for about 6 months. TigerConnect similarly said it is extending the hours of support. It will furthermore post resources and host webinars to help existing and new users maximize the use of the communications platform.

As observed in the European nations, which is presently the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, the stressed-out hospitals and health systems are having issues in coping with the number of COVID cases. Swift, enterprise-wide communication is very important for ceasing the spread of the sickness.

In Singapore, stringent measures were enacted to terminate the novel coronavirus spread. On March 14, there were 200 cases of COVID-19 documented in Singapore however there are no -deaths registered. Dealing with COVID-19 response and ensuring that resources are appropriately designated is a big concern, nevertheless, one that has truly helped is a reliable communications system. 55,000 healthcare experts use the TigerConnect platform in Singapore. In the past three weeks, the usage of the platform amplified five times. Being all set along with the systems is indispensable in managing fast and reliable communication concerning the COVID outbreak.

It is evident that determining new occurrences fast and sharing that data with main stakeholders is essential to COVID-19 control and treatment solution. The objective of TigerConnect is to aid organizations in eliminating the limitations that could cut down the frontliners’ responses to this health crisis.

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