Modified HIPAA Rules In 2017: Messaging, Social Media And Situation Walkthrough

At HIMSS17, Deven McGraw, the administrator of OCR has highlighted the HIPA rules which are to be released in the year of 2017. OCR might be engaged in analyzing the results of the inspections of counter audits in the health care firms as well as in their corporate affiliates. Yet, a new path of HIPAA rules are about to release in the same year.

Last year, the restriction on the usage of text messages was removed by the combined commission. This order was back in its position just after a few weeks. In the end of last year, the commission moderately lifted the restriction, giving the statement that the usage of safe text messages was practicable for the professionals when they are using it to communicate with other professionals of the same field. On the other hand, the usage of text messages, either it is a secured platform or not, was banned under the HIPAA amendable platform.

The office of civil rights is taking a lot of questions from the doctors as well as from the covered health are firms on the grounds of text messages and the rules of HIPAA about it. The director has ensured that in order to provide proper guidelines to the queries asked to the HIPAA authorities, they will be releasing a comprehensive manuscript for the ease of doctors. They will get their answers once and for all. During an interview, the director described that a lot of questions are asked if the doctors can communicate with their patients as well as with other workers of the health care services.

In the same direction, the office of civil rights will also shed some light on using the text messages amid doctors, health care firms as well as the sending and receiving of text messages to other patients. The HIPAA will always take under account the situations under which these messages are communicated.

This is because, during the last year, many problems aroused due to the carelessness of patients. The doctors shared the information such as pictures, videos and many other things with the other people.