Office Of Civil Right Penalty Shows The Significance Of Signed Corporate Affiliate Agreements

The unit of human health services of the office of civil rights is about to send another notice to all the firms which are under the HIPAA coverage. The notice says that the corporate affiliates by all sellers previous to their exposure of any confidential health related information.

HIPAA covered firms are now allowed to share the personal information of their patients with their corporate affiliates, on the other hand, prior to any exposure, the health care firm must make a new contact with their corporate affiliate. That legal contract must explain the accountabilities the corporate affiliate has to show. They have to show that the information is confidential and secured and are practiced to stop the criminal activities.

The corporate affiliate should also be directed about the probable utilization and exposure of the data. In addition to that, they should mention that the business associate must not expose or utilize the data if not required to use it under the mentioned circumstances. Those circumstances should be mentioned in the contract and should be by the law. The corporate affiliate should also be directed of the necessity to inform the related firm in the case of any incident or else if they intentionally expose the data to the outside world. The timeline should be mentioned so that the individual will learn the exact time they have to use the data under the protection of the law.

HIPAA penalties 2017

In the previous year, the office of civil rights declared one public financial punishment as well as the agreement to pay the settlement with 12 firms. In the start of new year, the HIPAA seems to be more active in enforcing new laws to the covered entities. The children’s health care center is about to pay its sixth penalty in the four months. They will pay a total amount of 11,806,000. In addition to that other firms have paid huge amounts to HIPAA for their violation.

  • 400, 000 has been paid by metro public network service provider
  • 5 million dollars paid by memorial health care center
  • 475, 000 has been paid by presence health care.