Onsite HIPAA Inspections Can Be Deferred By One Year

In a meeting of Deven McGraw at HIMSS17 with data security group. The deputy director at the department of human health services at OCR has discussed that the segment two of HIPAA enforcement investigations are in process. They also explained that the onsite HIPAA inspections may defer by one year. The time period of the delay is not very exact. The onsite inspections were to instantly monitor the two hundred and eleven counter inspections there were also a part of last year campaign. The authorities have decided to drive back the onsite inspections while waiting for the desk inspections to be properly written down as well as analyzed with all the measures.

In lieu of HIPAA agreement desk inspections, the covered firms, as well as the business affiliates of the entities, were notified through the letters that they are chosen for the inspection. The firms were then asked to provide a number of files and documents on a number of things for which HIPAA was concerned about. All of the documents are checked by the auditors and the OCR is now about to issue the results of the auditing. The following information will remain in the form of the groups and the first batch of reports will be published at the end of the following week.

The companies of which the inspection has been done would be allowed to give their statements on the results of the inspections. These statements should be submitted before the finalization of the report. If summed up, total forty five business affiliates were chosen for the inspection. The onsite inspection will be practiced on a minor chosen area of geographically illustrative covered entities.

In the last year, the office of OCR declared that they will initiate the second stage of HIPAA agreement inspections. In this regard, the onsite inspections were supposed to be carried out in the first few months of the year 2017. On the other hand, the director of the office said that the onsite inspections will be delayed. Now, it is still in the plan that these inspections will held in the same year but they are now slipped to the next year.