A Scrub Nurse Got Fired for Taking Photographs of Patient-Employee’s Genitals

A scrub nurse took photographs of the patient’s genitals. She shared those photos with the colleague and got fired because of such activity. The patient was also the employee of the hospital and thus filed a case for the damages because of the accident. The patient was treated for the Hernia problems at Washington Hospital and he undergone the Hernia Surgery.

The patient claimed to the Washington Country Court that she was not in the conscious state when the nurse took her genitals photographs and shared it with her cliques. It is a fact that taking the patient’s photograph without informing her is simply the violation of the HIPAA rules and the criminal can be accused for the financial penalty. The NY Hospital settled the violation of HIPAA rules with a penalty of $2.2 last year.

The case identified that the television crew was responsible for the film in the hospital, but the footage showed that the agreement from the patient was not signed. The HIPAA Breach in the hospital showed that the patient who was victim of crime was Jane Doe. She said that the she got that the photos were shared right after her operation. She also highlighted that the nurse showed the picture after getting them. The nurse was horrified because of the violation so she told her supervisor about the incident. In response of which, the nurse was fired.

The case shows that it is not the end of the incident. She stated that the actions against the nurse showed that the nurse was treated as the criminal not as the victim. The result of the complaint show that she was humiliating, harassment and backlash while working. In order to heal from the incident, Jane Doe was provided with two weeks leaves and appointed at the same position. As the incident result, the victim was suffered from anxiety, migraines and insomnia. Therefore she was offered with 3 months as stated by the physician.

The case also included the doctor of the hospital who was working in the same room, but did not stop the nurse for taking the pictures and did not report the incident to the higher authority. The damage was more than $75,000 for the emotional, physical and the psychological stress.