Suspected Social Media Retaliation By A Physician Breached HIPAA Security Law

A doctor working at O medical & fitness center at San Antonio, supposedly reacted against his patient through a video clip. He posted a video of his patient in the underwear on YouTube as well as on Facebook. This action of the doctor is clearly against the laws of HIPAA rules. The case was highlighted when the patient filed the complaint against the doctor. The Texas medical unit has taken the matter very seriously.

In addition to the videos, the doctor has also posted some images of the patient. These pictures and video clips contains the face of the victim. Instead of defending the patient and taking care of the privacy of the patient, the doctor uploaded the pictures and videos on his Facebook account which was noticed by the patient. He could have pixelated the face in order to hide the identity of the patient. In the video clip which was posted on Facebook, it seemed like the patient was very satisfied by the treatment she got from the doctor. But, around one month later, the patient became aggressive and she also left a comment for the doctor. She gave a statement that she will give her comment about the video and the crap.

When she filed the complaint against the doctor, she mentioned to the board that her skin was burnt in the first few procedures of her treatment. She also mentioned that the doctor charged a lot of money from her which was also against the rules of HIPAA. All patients should be charged in accordance with the laws defined by the state of Texas. Regarding the issue of higher payment, she also contacted with a firm known as stripe concerning the doubtful charges.

The medical board of Texas gave the statement about the issue and said that posting the video of a patient is not acceptable and is highly unprofessional act. The board likewise mentioned that sharing the link of the video clip with the patient through an email is also not professional. The matter has taken another turn as the patient has sued the doctor for physical torture and mental agony.