TitanHQ Updates SpamTitan Email Security Solution

TitanHQ has released an update of its SpamTitan email security solution.

TitanHQ, which specialises in providing email security solutions to SMBs and MSPs, has added new features to make the solution more robust to sophisticated malware attacks. The update was released earlier this week and is available to customers for free.

SpamTitan is a leading email security solution, and even before the updates, it was capable of catching more than 99.9% of scam emails. To improve its capabilities even further, TitanHQ has incorporated a new sandboxing feature and added new anti-spoofing layers.

TitanHQ customers had requested the updates due to growing fears of the increasing sophistication of phishing and malware attacks targeting businesses. Hackers target businesses with hundreds of spam emails per week, and businesses are at risk even if only a small number of them make it to a user’s inbox. It only takes one employee to be fooled by a phishing email for a hacker to compromise a business’s network, with potentially disastrous consequences. TitanHQ improved SpamTitan’s capabilities of blocking scam emails in response to these concerns.

“For more than two decades we have been developing cybersecurity solutions for the SMB market and managed service providers serving that market,” explained TitanHQ CEO, Ronan Kavanagh. “Sandboxing and advanced anti-spoofing capabilities were the two most requested features from our end users. I’m delighted to launch both features today.”

SpamTitan Gateway and SpamTitan Cloud now include DMARC authentication to help end users block sophisticated email impersonation attacks. The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DKIM are often used to identify spoofed emails, but hackers have ways of fooling them. DMARC is much harder to bypass.

After passing standard validation checks, the DMARC policy is applied to determine if the sender of the email is genuine. If the DMARC checks are passed, the message is then processed through SpamTitan’s anti-spam filters. If the checks fail, messages are quarantined.

The new sandboxing feature protects from advanced persistent threats, zero-day malware, and offers insight into the new threats to help mitigate risks. The Bitdefender-powered sandbox is a safe and secure environment where email attachments can be safely detonated without causing any harm. After passing through SpamTitan’s machine learning, static analysis and behaviour detection technologies, files are sent to the sandbox. There they are executed, and the actions of the files are logged and analysed.

Self-protection mechanisms, evasion attempts, and signs of malicious activity are thoroughly checked and subjected to in-depth analysis, and all results are checked against an extensive array of online repositories. If the checks are passed and the file is determined to be benign, the message can be delivered. If the file is determined to be malicious, the threat is blocked, and details are uploaded to the Bitdefender Global Protective Network. The file will then be blocked globally for all SpamTitan and Bitdefender users. The process is extremely fast, only lasting a few minutes.

The sandboxing feature allows SMBs and MSPs to identify zero-day threats that would otherwise fail to be identified as malicious by AV solutions, helping to prevent data breaches and avoid incident response costs.

“To be able to include this level of advanced security in our products without selling it as a separate line item is exactly how we feel the needs of the SMB audience should be met,” said Kavanagh.