Updates to Cofense Phishing Simulation Platform Increase Even More Chances for Automation

August 25, 2018

Cofense has declared that more updates have been made to its prize-winning phishing electronic mail simulation program, Cofense PhishMe. The updates offer even more chances for computerizing phishing simulation campaigns to save managers even more time.
Safety consciousness and anti-phishing teaching is now a vital part of healthcare companies’ cybersecurity programs. In addition to financing in technology to obstruct phishing and other electronic mail-based dangers, end users need training. Even layered protections will not halt all phishing dangers from reaching inboxes. Without teaching, end users will remain the weakest connection in the safety chain.
Phishing simulation training is an important part of the training procedure. They let safety groups evaluate how effective their teaching programs have been and find weak points in the training plan. They also let safety teams find people who have failed to comprehend certain parts of the training plan.
Although phishing simulation platforms include some chances for automation and planning, generating and running phishing simulations can still be a time-consuming procedure.
The latest updates to the Cofense PhishMe platform include even more chances for automation. Whereas generating a plan of 12 phishing situations and planning those campaigns over the course of a year would have taken a manager roughly three hours to finish, the update shaves off 91% of that time. The same 12 campaigns can be generated and planned in 15 minutes.
This has been attained with the use of playbooks. The playbooks can be used to generate, plan, and introduce phishing templates and plan them over the duration of a year. Moreover, managers can automate the sending of reminders to end users based on the training plans they have finished – or not finished – saving even more time. The playbooks also include the lessons learned from phishing simulation campaigns carried out by 400 of Fortune 1000 firms that have used the Cofense PhishMe platform.
“At Cofense we believe in automation as a method to relieve safety operators of the boring jobs to let them concentrate on strategic, sensible decision-making,” said Rohyt Belani, Co-founder and CEO of Cofense. “Playbooks are meant to let both managed facilities suppliers and our end clients the capability to select different plans just like one does on a treadmill in a gym, so they do not require to concentrate on the metaphorical jobs of having to alter speed and incline but can instead concentrate on designing and following the proper success criteria and presenting them correctly to senior management.”
In addition to the Cofense PhishMe updates, the Leesburg, VA-based firm has also lately introduced its new phishing-specific Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform, has combined board-level reporting, and has introduced mobile Cofense Reporter and more correct Microsoft attachment tracking. These updates and the continued high-level modernization have assisted the firm to remain the market leader in phishing protection and attack disruption.